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What are some of the best activities in the US?

Take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, enjoy the scenic views of the Grand Canyon with a helicopter tour, or visit Universal Studios Hollywood, the oldest studio in the city and home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. The US has many tourist attractions, places to go, and stuff to do for all ages. 

What are some of the best activities in the world?

Some of the best activities for US travelers are found in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, and Europe. There are lots of fun things to do, such as the Blue Hole and river tubing from Montego Bay, luxury sailing to the famous Arch in Los Cabos, hiking with a waterfall tour in San Juan, getting the best views of London on a River Thames cruise, and more. 

What are the best activities near you?

Find tickets on Expedia for things to do near you, such as comedy shows, concerts, amusement parks, national parks, museums, and more. Search for cheap tickets and filter by budget, adult-only shows, or type of event. You can filter by family-friendly ratings, available things to do today, free cancellations, things to do this weekend, and other useful categories.

How to find cheap tickets for activities in the US?

Expedia makes it easy for you to find cheap tickets for activities in the US in 2023, simply sort your search results by price. This will automatically put the most affordable tickets at the top of your list, making it easier to see what's best for your budget. Any special discounts that may be available will be considered in the search results, so some stuff to do may offer more than you might expect for the price. Additionally, you can add filters for activities that appeal to your specific interests.

What are the best destinations for family-friendly activities?

Family-friendly activities include fun for all ages, and you'll find some of the best options available throughout the United States in 2023 in destinations like Hawaii  or South Carolina. Family-friendly places to go can include amusement parks and beaches. All families are different, and yours may prefer to hike in the Appalachian Mountains. There's specifically a family activities filter you can use to make the right stuff to do easier to find in your search. 

What are family-friendly activities?

Visit the world’s largest Disney park, Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando is one of the best choices for family-friendly fun. You'll also need activities for all ages, such as LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers in Kansas City, or indoor activities like the Georgia Aquarium, the latter of which is the largest in the world. Many attractions across the country have kid-friendly offerings like amusement parks, museums, and zoos, so keep that in mind as you plan your activities. 

How to find good deals on activities?

To find good deals with Expedia in 2023, simply tick the Deals filter on your search results to explore some of the best tourist attractions, outdoor activities, and sightseeing opportunities that work with your budget. Note that activities with special deals will be marked in a little green box, so the cheapest options don’t always cost less, meaning it's easy to find limited-time prices on specific activities.

What are fun things to do across America?

Fun places across America come in many forms, including seeing Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park out West. From stunning monuments to historical sites and natural splendor, there's virtually endless fun across the US from coast to coast, whether you're looking for spring activities, fall attractions, or anything in between. 

What are the most popular activities in America?

Popular activities in America are in many forms, including but not limited to hiking, kayaking, skiing, or watching football games. If you're looking for something fun on the East Coast, you may be interested in the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach, but travelers out West may prefer to stop by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you can see the stars of stage and screen immortalized in this monument. If you’re interested in good deals on skiing, visit Big Sky near southern Montana. It’s known as one of the largest ski resorts in the US. 

How to find cultural activities in the US?

You can enjoy quite a bit of cultural activities on your vacation like the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Smithsonian in DC. On the opposite side of the country, you can immerse yourself in an entirely different culture at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Simply click on the History & culture category on the search results page to see your cultural attractions selections. 

What are some of the most popular winter activities?

Winter activities in America often focus on mountains, with plenty of skiing and snowboarding available in places like Breckenridge and Vail. However, if you find yourself in the far North, around Alaska, a snowmobile tour around Fairbanks may be a thrilling option, especially if you're looking for something unique. Of course, indoor activities like The Getty keep you out of the cold. 

What are some of the most popular summer activities?

One of the most popular pastimes in America to enjoy during the summer is going to the beach. Given how much coastline is available in the country, you'll never have to go too far to experience the wind and waves. Whether you travel to East Coast beaches like the Outer Banks or out West to Los Angeles's very own Santa Monica Beach, sand and surf may be on your short list of the best things to do around you. Summer is the perfect time to stop by Lowell Observatory to peer into the clear night sky on a warm evening. 

Where to find great outdoor activities?

Outdoor activities across America include stunning national parks and towering mountain peaks. Specifically, places like Acadia National Park in Maine allow you to explore serene trails and tranquil ponds. Meanwhile, outdoor activities on Hawaii Island include picturesque beachfront, dense forests, and imposing volcanoes. 

What are some great activities for couples?

Couples can enjoy unforgettable romantic activities in the US, such as wine tasting in Napa, California, skiing in Vermont, and venturing through the scenic Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona. For some couples, fun places like Asheville may be preferable with its relaxing atmosphere and picturesque natural features. 

What are the best destinations for romantic things to do?

When looking for something more romantic in the United States, the beach or the mountains may be your best bet, with destinations like Key West  and Jackson being particularly memorable. In Key West, you and your partner can enjoy sand and surf, while Jackson offers a more laid-back experience surrounded by mountains, a charming town, and plenty of skiing opportunities alongside couples activities like romantic dinners. 

What are the best luxury activities?

Luxury activities in the United States allow you to enjoy a piece of the high life, whether you're on a photo tour by luxury Rolls Royce in Las Vegas or on a holiday yacht cruise in New York City. These activities are designed to make you feel fancy with premium service. 

Can I cancel my activity with Expedia?

Activities on Expedia have different cancellation policies, so review these before booking. If you're looking for the cancellation policy on a booked activity, click on "Trips". Here you'll find your reservations and their cancellations policies. Alternatively, chat with the Virtual Agent to cancel, change your trip, or ask for a refund. 

Why should I book my activity with Expedia?

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